Non-Natural Alternatives (we’ll be covering natural alternatives eventually)


Patanol is a relatively common prescription drug that treats eye inflammations, stemming from allergic conjunctivitis and other allergy issues that in turn causes problems like red, dry, and itchy eyes. This medication is an eye drop, and for some, it is quite an effective and it remains being one of the most popular solutions on the market today. However, for others, it can cause significant problems and issues and therefore is wise to seek out alternatives to Patanol when it comes to promoting good healthy and healthy eyes. Click Here to read about Patanol Side Effects.

While Patanol is a very effective medication to guard against allergic conjunctivitis issues and prevent other eye problems from occurring, there are nevertheless many other options out there for people seeking a different experience or something more effective for their own specific needs when it comes to promoting good eye health. Let’s review a few of the options here:

Lotemax is one of the more popular Patanol alternatives on the market today, with products that are softer and more modified corticosteroids than the ingredients active in Patanol. When ocular inflammation strikes people with particularly sensitive eyes and sensitive needs, Lotemax is a good alternative when it comes to promoting good eye health without being too strong or over bearing.

Acular is also a steroid-based eye drop that seeks first to not inflame or do any harm to the eyes, as it is a ketorolac drug seeking to sensitively and softly improve the eye’s condition. Its most popular use is as an eye drop treating pre-cataract surgery patients to improve their vision and lessen their pain, so its work in treating allergic conjunctivitis and other allergy issues is well documented as far as as alternative to Patanol.

Elestat is another of the most common eye drops, as it combines an antihistamine to attack allergy issues with its already impressive roster of drops that works on stabilizing cells and improving light sensitivity. Elestat is another sensitive and soft medication that is used by many people who find Patanol too intense for their own daily use and consumption.

As far as this list is concerned, Pataday is likely the most similar to Patanol, as they are both prescription eye drops that are quite strong when it comes to getting the red out of your eyes, improving itchiness symptoms, leaving the eye moist and healthy, and attacking allergic conjunctivitis. Pataday is a very strong medication, though, and for some it can cause unintended reactions and prove to be too intense when it comes to getting the most out of your health and overall eye quality of vision and life.

All in all, it is best to discuss with your doctor your options for eye drops and allergic conjunctivitis remedies. They will know more about which of these alternatives may be right for you, and what can be used effectively for your specific eye needs and care. While there are major difference between these eye drops, surely one of them will do the job, and leave you seeing and feeling better each and every day. Good luck!